A Few Tips You Haven’t Heard About Buying a House in Seattle

  1. The power of emotion

Don’t underestimate the power of emotion when you’re buying a home. Most realtors don’t take this into consideration, but we do. Sometimes you make an offer on your dream home, you wait all night to hear back, and then your offer is rejected. It can be easy to let emotions dictate what happens next. It’s a rollercoaster. But we help you understand the process so you can move forward without getting emotionally overwhelmed.

  1. Use a local mortgage professional

There are a lot of reasons to go local. For one, they’re accessible. When you have questions, when you’re concerned, when you’re about to make a big decision, you want to get your lender on the line. Another reason is reputation. Reputation matters in negotiations because in a competitive market, where your offer is among many being considered, the reputation of both your lender and your real estate agent can come into play. You want both to be known as the best.

  1. Making an offer

It’s what folks worry about the most, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. We’re going to help you every step of the way. By the time you need to make an offer, you’re fully educated on the competition, the prices, and the neighborhood. You’ll know what it take to make a successful offer. We’ll even write it up for you. Everything’s electronic now, of course, so we email it to you to get it signed. And we make sure your terms keep you competitive and in a strong position.

You may notice we do things a little differently. It’s a competitive market, and we’ve found the best way to help our customers get into the homes they want. These are just a few of the things you can learn about in our video series Buying a House in Seattle.

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