“How to Sell a House by Owner” & “Discount Brokers”

How to Sell a House by Owner & Discount Brokers Part 3 – “How to Sell your House” in Seattle

On paper discount brokers seem like a good deal but in reality you can actually lose a lot of money using one. First, their one size fits all advertising doesn’t draw buyer interest to your house. They are also notoriously bad negotiators and therefore they can lose you a ton of money negotiating with buyers on price and inspection items.

Some sellers investigate the possibility of selling their home by owner. In my opinion the main problem with this method is that an individual doesn’t have the ability to put their house on the Multiple Listing Service, which is the database for homes for sale. This means that hardly any buyers will see the home and therefore it will be hard to get the highest price. The more people that see the house, and come to tour it the higher price you will get for the house.

Here is a quick video about how using a normal full time real estate agent actually makes you more money in the end.

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