“Seattle House Inspection”

How to Buy “Real Estate in Seattle” Part 11- “Seattle House Inspection”

When the time comes to make an offer on a house, one key step in the process is having a home inspection so you know of any potential issues with the house. I have inspectors that I am happy to refer you to who I know do a great job.

The cost of the inspection ranges between $300-$500 or so, and is based off the sqft and building type. This is money that you pay at the time of the inspection and is not part of your closing costs. Often, especially in Seattle where homes tend to be 75+ years old, the home inspector will recommend that you get something called a sewer scope to ensure that there are no issues with your sewer line. Generally, a sewer scope costs around $250, and this is money that you pay at the time of the inspection. The reason why you might want to pay this extra $250 is because repairing a broken sewer line could costs you upwards of $10,000-$20,000 or more. Spending an extra $250 seems pretty minimal when you compare what it could save you.

Here’s a link to a video I made explaining the inspection process.

Make sure you don’t miss step 12 – The Appraisal.